E-cigarettes are the most popular stop smoking aid in England, helping over 50,000 people quit each year.

Learn more about switching to e-cigarettes

How do e-cigarettes work?

E-cigarettes work by heating up a liquid containing nicotine and a few other ingredients to create a vapour that is inhaled.

They are a popular stop smoking aid because they provide a similar experience to smoking and help satisfy nicotine cravings in a safer way to help you quit.

Where can I get an

E-cigarettes can be bought from specialist vape shops, some pharmacies and shops, or on the internet. They are not currently available through prescription.

While e-cigarettes are highly regulated in the UK, if you are thinking about buying one, take a look at this simple advice to help you choose a product that meets all the safety and quality standards.

Who can use it?

If you are a smoker and over the age of 18, switching to an e-cigarette could be right for you.

If you’re pregnant, NRT products like patches and gum are the recommended option to help you stop smoking. However, if you are thinking about using an e-cigarette, talk to your midwife.

Did you know?

The average smoker spends £1,900 a year. The average e-cigarette user spends around £720—a huge saving of £1,180!

E-cigarettes help over 50,000 people successfully quit smoking each year across the country.

Choosing the right one for you

A rechargeable e-cigarette with a refillable tank delivers nicotine more effectively and quickly than a disposable one. It is likely to give you a better chance of quitting smoking.

There are lots of different types of e-liquid for use in an e-cigarette. There are nicotine-free e-liquids, however the addition of nicotine is recommended to help you manage your cravings as nicotine is the addictive ingredient in tobacco.

It’s important to choose the right strength of e-liquid to satisfy your needs. Most e-liquids are available in the following strengths:

  • 3mg (recommended for light smokers)
  • 6mg (recommended for light smokers)
  • 12mg (recommended for heavy smokers)

The UK has one of the most comprehensive systems of regulation for e-cigarette products in the world, including high standards of safety and quality and packaging and labelling requirements.

Different types of e-cigarettes

  • Cigalikes

    What they’re like: They look like regular cigarettes and can be disposable or rechargeable.

  • Vape pens

    What they’re like: Shaped like a pen or small tube, with a tank to store e-liquid, replaceable coils and rechargeable batteries.

  • Vape bars

    What they’re like: Vape bars are typically shaped like a highlighter pen. They are usually single use and disposable, but sometimes rechargeable and refillable with e-liquid capsules.

  • Pod systems

    What they’re like: Often shaped like a USB stick, they’re small rechargeable devices with e-liquid capsules.

  • Mods

    What they’re like: They come in different shapes and sizes, but are usually the largest vaping devices. They have a refillable tank and longer lasting rechargeable batteries.