Nicotine Replacement Therapies, or NRTs, are medications to help you combat any nicotine cravings you get when you first stop smoking.

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How does NRT work?

The main reason people feel the need to smoke is because of an addiction to nicotine. Nicotine creates pleasant feelings in the body and mind, but they are temporary, so you reach for another cigarette.

NRT gives your body a small amount of nicotine to help manage withdrawal symptoms without any of the thousands of harmful chemicals in cigarettes.

Treatment with NRT usually lasts 8-12 weeks. Then you gradually reduce the dose and eventually stop.

Where can I get NRT?

NRT is available on prescription from a doctor or NHS stop smoking service, and over the counter from your local pharmacy or shop. You may be eligible for free NRT if you qualify for Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield’s priority quit programme.

Who can use it?

Most adults and children over 12 can use at least one type of NRT.

It’s even suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding – your doctor or midwife can advise if they think it would work for you and how to use it safely.

Children under 18 should not use the lozenges without getting medical advice first.

Did you know?

You’re 3 times more likely to quit when NRT is used alongside support from one of our stop smoking services.

Different types of NRT

There are a few different ways you can take NRT. Find one or a combination that works for you and suits your needs.

  • Patches

    Patches are placed on the skin and release nicotine slowly. Some are worn for 24 hours and some types should be taken off at night. They are easy to use and you can’t take too much or too little.

  • Chewing gum

    Gum releases nicotine quite quickly which can really help with cravings. It is very discreet and provides a good distraction from smoking. The gum is also easy to use, just chew! And it’s available in different flavours too.

  • Inhalators

    This is another fast acting form of NRT. It’s great for people who want to mimic the hand-to-mouth act of smoking too. And while it’s not as discreet as other methods, you have the control over when to use it.

  • Lozenges

    This very discreet form of NRT can relieve sudden cravings very quickly, while providing a flavourful distraction. It acts as a good alternative to gum for people with dentures, and it also comes in a range of different flavours.

  • Sprays

    You can choose from a nasal spray or mouth spray. The nasal spray is great for heavy smokers and is a fast acting NRT product. The mouth spray is also fast acting and is very easy to use. You choose when to take both.

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