Having given up smoking, Michelle is now valuing family time.

Having given up, I’ve found out that I am better off without the cigarettes

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After several attempts, Luke found a quitting method that worked for him.

I remind myself of all the good things in my life - it reframes my outlook on life.
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When the walk to football got harder, Roy decided it was time to quit.

I smoked for 54 years, but once I’d decided to give up, I stuck with it.
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Woman applying nicotine patch to arm

Alison was tired of feeling controlled by her smoking habit.

Wherever I went I had to think, what will people think of me for smoking?
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Finding the right reason to quit for her motivated Sharon to kick the habit.

I felt like the cigarettes were laughing at me saying ‘now what are you going to do?’ I didn’t like that.
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Jac proves that you should never give up on quitting smoking

It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried to quit, or how long each quit attempt has lasted, there is always hope.
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Understanding why she smoked helped Sherry to quit

Find out why you smoke. Look at the habits you have in your life and think about why you have them.
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One-to-one support helped Maxine finally kick the habit

I wasn’t enjoying it. I was sick of doing it. I kept remembering what it was like seeing my dad struggle to breathe.
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Linda proves that it’s never too late to quit smoking

I couldn't have done it without Gemma. That one-to-one support made all the difference.
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Quitting helped Edward get back to doing the things he loved

My lifestyle is better. I’m breathing easier. I’ve got more money in my pocket.
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