Rock and roller Geoff proves he can win the fight

Smoking since he was a pre-teen, Geoff, 61, has gone from smoking sixty cigarettes a day to zero.

In 2012, rock and roller Geoff was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a progressive and irreversible group of lung diseases. Almost 90% of COPD cases are caused by smoking, but Geoff didn’t quit when he was first diagnosed. He initially didn’t think it was worth it… But as his condition got worse, Geoff made a change.

“Most of my friends and family would have never bet on me being able to quit.”

Every day it was getting harder to breathe. He had to give up drumming in his beloved band due to the physical strain. His illness was affecting his family too as he found it more difficult to play with his four grandchildren. And that’s exactly what Geoff has done.

“Before, I was coughing and coughing. Now, there’s none of that. I go outside and I’m only a little out of breath. I can do things. I’ve recovered nearly 50% of my lung capacity.

I’m getting more and more of me back from quitting. Don’t wait until it’s too late.”

“Instead of struggling to get through everyday tasks, I breeze through them.”

Geoff quit smoking with the help of Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield at The Moor Market and now his life is back on track. Although his COPD won’t ever disappear, Geoff feels stronger, breathes easier and is back doing the things he loves like touring with his band and fixing up old cars with his grandson.

Many people who have had their lives impacted by smoking-related illness are taking steps to improve their health by becoming smokefree. Geoff did this and wants to help other people who understand that you too can make a positive change.