One-to-one support helped Maxine finally kick the habit

With Arlene at Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield behind her every step of the way, there was nothing stopping Maxine from quitting smoking this time around.

“I needed somebody to hold me accountable, to ring me up and check in on me. Arlene, My Yorkshire Smokefree advisor, used to praise me and tell me how well I’d done. It was so encouraging.”

Maxine, 54, started smoking during her time at a rehabilitation centre following a traumatic brain injury. She made friends there with some people who smoked and picked up the habit. Eventually, she was smoking 20-30 roll-ups a day, before finally quitting for good in November 2020.

The journey to quitting hasn’t been easy for Maxine, she’d tried to quit several times before. At 41, Maxine quit smoking for a few weeks while her father was in hospital with lung cancer. She was with him in the hospital when he died. As she stood outside the hospital crying, somebody offered her a cigarette. Heartbroken, she accepted it and she started regularly smoking again.

“I wasn’t enjoying it. I was sick of doing it. I kept remembering what it was like seeing my dad struggle to breathe.”

Maxine was ready to give quitting another go, so rang her GP for help. She was prescribed an inhalator and referred to Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield, where she was given an advisor named Arlene.

“[Arlene] had so many ideas about what I could do to deal with the cravings and change of routine. She always reminded me of how far I’d come and how many days I’d been smokefree. I looked forward to my phone call with her all week, every week.”

Maxine is now reaping all the benefits of being smokefree, from better health to more money in her pocket. Smoking would cost her at least £180 a month. She now puts that money in a tin and saves it. She wanted to really be able to recognise and feel the benefits of her savings.

On average, someone who smokes 20 cigarettes a day could save £3,650 a year by stopping. See how much you could save here.

You’re three times more likely to stop smoking with specialist support. Advisors work with you to understand your triggers, manage any cravings and support you all the way. If you’re also looking for a specialist advisor that can help you change your life, get in touch today.