Going smokefree with Stoptober and Smokefree Sheffield

Smokefree Sheffield is once again supporting Stoptober following the launch of several new campaigns

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This October, Smokefree Sheffield is once again supporting Stoptober following the launch of several new campaigns aimed at reducing tobacco use in Sheffield, as well as seeing partner Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust go smokefree.

Smoking remains the biggest killer in the UK, and in Sheffield, around 16 people per week die from smoking-related illnesses. Across the country, Stoptober has seen around 1.7 million quit attempts, and this year Smokefree Sheffield is encouraging people to take their first step to become smokefree for good.

“Stoptober is a pivotal time for smokers across Sheffield as many see this as the perfect opportunity to start their journey to becoming smokefree. Here in Sheffield, we are in a great position to help the public as we have a comprehensive range of partners and services that can offer the best support for each person.

From the Yorkshire Stop Smoking Service Sheffield to the specialist midwifery stop smoking team, we have an opportunity to make a real impact on the number of people stopping smoking this October, especially as we know you’re four times more likely to successfully quit with the help of a service.”

– Councillor Mary Lea, Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Leisure at Sheffield City Council

As part of Smokefree Sheffield, partners across the city are working together to promote a smokefree generation. This Stoptober sees one of its largest partners, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, becoming a completely smokefree zone from 1st October 2018. This follows the success of Jessop Wing becoming smokefree and the voluntary smokefree policy adopted by Sheffield by the Seaside event this summer.

Patients and visitors at the Trust’s sites will no longer be allowed to smoke anywhere on the premises and will be encouraged to get support in their quit journeys, coinciding with the launch of Stoptober.

This move continues to build on the work of Smokefree Sheffield, which has recently launched two new campaigns. The first aims to raise awareness of cheap and illicit tobacco and the impacts it has on our communities across Sheffield including exposing young people to a life-long habit through access to illegal cigarettes at pocket money prices.

The second, a myth-busting shisha campaign informs people about the dangers of shisha smoking, where long-term smoking can lead to cancer as well as other life-threatening illnesses.

The two campaigns, targeting the public through social media have reached over 33,400 people in areas where shisha smoking and illegal tobacco is most prevalent, including Darnall and Firth Park.

This follows a number of campaigns that have launched through the new initiative in the last 12 months including the use of e-cigarettes as an alternative method to help people stop smoking.

“All the partners have been doing great work individually across the city, such as the Smokefree Schools programme that has been developed by Zest Community Centre which focuses on raising awareness of the dangers of smoking to young people to help encourage a Smokefree generation.

We are also running a number of highly targeted campaigns to tackle smoking in the heart of the communities where it is most prevalent. We know that although 1 in 5 adults currently smoke in Sheffield, around sixty per cent of smokers want to quit. By creating a joined-up approach in our service offer and using targeted messaging, we’re far more likely to encourage and support people to become smokefree this October.”

– Greg Fell, Director of Public Health at Sheffield City Council


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