Smokefree Sheffield official launch on 20th June 2018

Local residents are invited to the launch event to support the campaign’s ambition of achieving a smokefree generation in Sheffield by 2025

View across Sheffield from Park Hill

Smokefree Sheffield will officially launch on Wednesday 20th June 2018 with a public event on The Moor in the centre of Sheffield. Smoking remains the biggest killer in the UK, with tobacco killing 16 people per week in Sheffield alone.

On average around 1 in 5 adults in Sheffield smoke and around 5 children start smoking in Sheffield every day. Local residents are invited to the event to support the campaign’s ambition of achieving a smokefree generation in Sheffield by 2025.

Smokefree Sheffield partners, including stop smoking advisors, councillors, council representatives and a number of healthcare professionals, will be at the Smokefree Sheffield tent, ready to support members of the public in their stop smoking journey.

This event will help smokers by offering them free stop-smoking support and advice, putting more people in touch with the local service in Sheffield. Statistics show that you are four times more likely to quit with the support of a stop smoking service and using stop smoking medication. Specialist support will also be available for pregnant women and their families. Information and advice on the impact of cheap and illicit tobacco in our communities will be on hand with SCC Trading Standards Team and how to report illegal sales.

“This event marks the beginning of a change in our city. We’re confident that Sheffield has the determination to become smokefree, and Smokefree Sheffield is here to support and guide people in the city who want to quit smoking or switch to vaping to reduce harm from tobacco. We’re excited to speak to members of the public at the event and get even more people behind this great initiative. We want to hear their quit stories and support people on their own journeys to becoming smokefree.”

– Greg Fell, Director of Public Health at Sheffield City Council

People who visit the Smokefree Sheffield tent can have a one-on-one consultation with a local stop smoking advisor, getting tailored advice on how to kick the habit or information about how to help their friends, work colleauges or family members to quit. Advice on stop smoking medications such as patches and information on e-cigarettes is also available on the day.

“We are also inviting the people of Sheffield to write their pledge for a Smokefree Sheffield onto a mural. Whether your pledge is to quit for good, make a positive switch to e-cigarettes (these are significantly safer alternatives to smoking tobacco), or to help a friend, family member or work colleague to stop smoking, or make their home smokefree, report illegal sales of tobacco, everyone is encouraged to make a pledge.

It is a great opportunity to launch this campaign and bring a wide variety of partners and people across Sheffield together. This initiative is not just for current smokers and those who are quitting, it is about everyone in our city working together to create a Smokefree Sheffield; a healthier, happier place that sets a great example for future generations. Local schools including will also be in attendance, pledging support for the need to make a difference for our generations to come.”

– Cllr Mary Lea Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Leisure

You can visit the Smokefree Sheffield launch event from 10am until 5pm on The Moor on Wednesday 20th June and follow Smokefree Sheffield on Facebook.


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Account Executive

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