New Year

Closer Each Time

Every successful quit begins with a serious quit attempt. This new year we’re encouraging smokers to give quitting another go.

It’s normal for smokers to make multiple quit attempts before quitting for good. Although most attempts end in relapse, there’s no other way out of smoking. However, when smokers try to quit and fail, they may be discouraged from trying again. They know they should quit and want to quit, so need reassurance that it will be worth their while trying again.

This new year, we’re encouraging smokers to give quitting another go. The ‘Close Each Time’ campaign has been created to help smokers to see that each time they try they’re a step closer to success.

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Key Messages

  • Don’t give up on quitting smoking, every time to try you’re a step closer to success.
  • Make your next quit attempt this new year.
  • You’re three times more likely to quit successfully with support from an NHS stop smoking service.

Key Stats

  • Currently, only 30% of smokers per year make a serious attempt to quit.
  • Only 5% of smokers successfully quit each year.
  • Only 2% of quitters used a stop smoking service despite this being the most effective method.
  • If 50% of smokers made an annual quit attempt, we could get to 5% smoking prevalence by 2029.

Source: The End of Smoking

Campaign Activity

The Closer Each Time campaign will run from 6th January until 6th February 2021.

The advert will be broadcast to households across Sheffield via ITV Hub and promoted online across social media and via YouTube.

Get Involved

Every successful quit begins with a serious quit attempt and more quit attempts will always translate into more quits. Help us encourage smokers to give quitting another go this new year and guide them towards support from Smokefree Sheffield to increase their chances of success.

You can do this by:

  • Sharing the campaign video and messages on social media.
  • Showing the advert on public TV screens if you have access to them.
  • Sharing the campaign with your professional network.
  • If you have access to SMS services, send the prepared text message to your contacts.

Download the Closer Each Time Partners Pack for more information about getting involved.