23 November 2022 • Smokefree Homes

Secondhand Smoke

Encouraging people to make their home a smokefree space to protect their loved ones from harmful secondhand smoke.

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Smoking in your home, or even just outside can expose those in your household to the risks of harm from secondhand smoke. Regularly breathing in secondhand smoke can cause the same health problems as smoking itself. It’s one of the leading causes of poor respiratory health in children and it significantly increases the risk of stroke, heart disease and lung cancer in adults.

To raise awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke and show there is no safe way to smoke at home a campaign was launched. This included a thought-provoking animation, which can be seen below.

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Secondhand Smoke Advert

Although relevant throughout the year, it’s even more important to remember this during the winter months when the weather gets colder, the nights get darker and more people spend time indoor. So we’re encouraging families to make their homes a smokefree space and for smokers to access the range of support that’s available to help them quit smoking, switch to e-cigarettes or keep their smoking outside.

Visit our Stop Smoking Service page to find about the help and support that is available, or find out more about secondhand smoke.

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Key Messages

  • Make your home a smokefree space to protect your loved ones from the dangers of secondhand smoke.
  • If you’re ready to quit, there is support available from your local stop smoking service to help you succeed.
  • Switch to alternative forms of nicotine such as patches, gum or lozenges, or e-cigarettes to keep cravings at bay.
  • If you’re not ready to quit, you can still protect your loved ones by smoking outside.

Key Stats

  • 2 million children in the UK are routinely exposed to secondhand smoke.
  • Households that include children are 50% more likely to report being exposed to SHS since lockdown compared to those without children.
  • 12% of smokers who live with children report they are smoking indoors more than they did before lockdown.
  • 13% of people in a recent ASH survey reported some level of SHS exposure in their own home from someone who lives there.
  • Every time someone breathes in SHS, they inhale over 4,000 chemicals, many of which are highly toxic and over 60 are known to cause cancer.
  • 80% of secondhand smoke is invisible and odourless. It can linger in the air for up to 3 hours and on surfaces even longer.

What you can do

We know that most smokers want to quit, giving them the support they need is vital to helping create more smokefree homes in Sheffield. You can help us raise awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke and encourage people to make their homes smokefree.

You can do this by:

  • Sharing the campaign video and messages on social media.
  • Showing the advert on public TV screens if you have access to them.
  • Sharing the campaign with your professional network.
  • Sharing leaflets with your service users.

Resources are available in English and Slovak.

To order leaflets please use the contact details below.


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