27 January 2023 •

Share your smokefree story

Are you an ex-smoker? Your smokefree story could inspire others to quit, just like you did.

“If my story encourages just one person to pick up the phone and get support to quit, then it’s worth it. The support I received from Yorkshire Smokefree changed my life.” 

– Linda, Ex-smoker Sheffield

We want to know what inspired you to quit smoking, what support you had along the way and how it made a difference to your life. Stories like yours can help to empower people in so many ways.

So, are you ready to tell your story?

Here’s how we can bring your story to life.

We might share your story in many ways

  • Our website: Reach those who are searching for advice and inspiration online.
  • Our social media channels: Engage members of the Smokefree Sheffield community on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Printed promotional materials: From small scale posters and flyers to larger billboards.
  • Video stories: We often produce video and audio content based on real life stories. You can feature yourself if you’d like to.

Your story, your choice.

Although we’d prefer it if you were happy for us to capture you in person, we understand you might not want your story to be used in certain places.

  • You can choose to remain anonymous if you don’t want to identify yourself.
  • You can choose the channels we use to share your story (web/social media/print/TV/radio etc).
  • We won’t do anything without your permission.

If you share your story with us and it’s chosen to feature on our channels, you’ll get a £20 shopping voucher. *

To tell us a bit about yourself or request more information, simply email [email protected] (link/button)

*Terms and conditions:

  • By sharing your story, you consent to your data being stored up to a maximum of 5 years within GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).
  • By providing written information about your smokefree journey, you consent to your data being stored by Smokefree Sheffield, and our partner Diva Creative Ltd.
  • If your smokefree story is chosen to be utilised externally, through future campaigns, out of home advertising, marketing and online activity, you will be notified and be qualified in obtaining a £20 high street shopping voucher for personal use only. You will only obtain the voucher if your story is used in one of these ways.
  • If at any time you no longer want your data to be stored or used, please contact us by calling 0114 221 0378 or by emailing us at [email protected]. Smokefree Sheffield will send confirmation that it has carried out your wishes.


Sophie Squire

Account Executive

0114 221 0378 Email Sophie Squire