03 March 2020 • We Care

Smoking doesn’t care about you. But we do.

Smoking doesn't care about you, but we do

A friend to laugh with, a parent to look up to, a partner to share a life with. What would loved ones lose if you were no longer here?

Capitalising on New Year quits, January 2020 saw a campaign encouraging smokers to reflect on the people they would leave behind if they died from a smoking-related illness.

Smoking doesn’t care about smokers or their family and friends, it just destroys lives. 1 in 2 smokers will die of a smoking-related disease, and every one of those people has loved ones, family, friends or colleagues who care about them. But it’s never too late to do something about it.

Smokefree Sheffield is here for you, so you can be there for them.

This campaign aimed to boost smoker’s sense of self-worth by showing how important they are to their loved ones. It was important to position smoking as the enemy, and steer clear of blaming the smoker for their addiction, all whilst showing that Smokefree Sheffield is here to help you beat that addiction. We know it’s never too late to quit smoking and it doesn’t matter how many times people have tried to quit before. The campaign’s call to action was to get support from Sheffield’s dedicated stop smoking services as smokers are three times more likely to quit successfully with help.

The adverts were promoted via ITV On Demand, social media and out-of-home across the city.

Information for Smokefree Partners

It is important when discussing quitting with smokers that we don’t blame them for their addictions, and taking a compassionate approach to supporting quit attempts are more likely to be successful.

Quitting smoking can be life-changing for everyone. Our partners help us encourage smokers to give quitting another go and guide them towards support from Smokefree Sheffield to increase their chances of success.

Partners can do this by:

  • Sharing the campaign assets on social media.
  • Sharing the campaign with your professional network.

Assets can be downloaded below.


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